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January 15, 2014

There are two types of bad church experiences: funny and not funny at all.  The church in 1 Corinthians had some things going on that were terrible that they could even happen at a church, but they also are almost so extreme they seem to be a parody.  One doesn’t know whether to laugh at their stupidity or mourn their perversion.  I think both can be a proper response.

We do not want to belittle any specific churches, and we do not want to defame anyone personally.  But if you can share your story of a really bad church experience by responding to this blog, it would be great for others to read.  Leave out names of churches and individuals.  Use an alias.  All comments will have to be approved before they show up.

Go ahead and share! I know you have a bad experience to tell us about.

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    Knarf Jan 30, 2014

    Many churches have the problem of being friendly to those they know but ignoring those they don’t.
    But one church I visited unknowingly was advertising who they want as members. As you walked in the front door you immediately were faced with a wall of those who were dead but left a financial gift. Then every thing in the place had a metal tag in which the name of the person who bought it was engraved. Pews, shelves, tables, instruments, hymns, and even a mirror. This church obviously was going to be friendly to those with community influence or with the means to give significantly. A worse church ever candidate is a church that plans to ignore those who are different than themselves.

    Frank Jan 30, 2014

    I visited a church once where the preacher said during a, so called, sermon, “If you are not reading the King James Bible you are going to Hell!” and followed up with “I can tell you that the NIV was written by homosexuals.” There were a few actual Amen’s from those in attendance! In my opinion, this qualifies for not only the “Worse Church Ever” category but also the “Most Clueless Preacher”.

    James Mar 06, 2014

    As a recovering fundamentalist, I’ve probably helped to create situations where others would say, “that was the worst church ever.” Thankful that God graciously forgives me. Sometimes people do too.

    Heath Mar 14, 2014

    I would nominate this church as one of the top ten worst ever it’s exactly why people dislike church in my opinion.

    On a more personal note i would say the worst church experience I have ever had was the man preached about a “spiritual stroke” he never used any scripture and preached from a common email that circulates telling you signs of when you have had a stroke. So he took those signs and made them spiritual. they were as follows.

    1. You can’t raise your hands – if you can’t raise your hands then you may have had a stroke. he said if you don’t raise your hands in church for jesus you are probably having a spiritual stroke.

    2. difficulty speaking – he said if you can not speak a word for christ then you are having a spiritual stroke and last of all

    3. have them stick out their tounge – he said numerous times if your tounge is crooked you are having a spiritual stroke. he said in a loud screaming voice “if your tounge is crooked….If your tounge is crooooookeed then you probably are having a spiritual stroke!

    I was telling a friend about this sermon so I went to the pastors website to show him what kind of preacher this guy was and how he preached from an Email. I clicked on the most recent sermon and it was that preacher preaching WORD FOR WORD and Illustration for illustration exactly the same sermon another man had preached the night before at the conference where I had heard the first preacher preach.


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