Top 10 Reasons You Should Never Go To This Church

February 12, 2014

Maybe we are being a bit hard on them.  I mean to be totally honest, the point of this web page and sermon series is to highlight that, as churches, we historically have done things badly.  If we don’t realize the mistakes, then we can never really change them.  So the lesson is to look at the mistakes that Paul highlights in his letters to the church at Corinth, look at what we are doing, and then look at who Jesus is and fix where the three don’t line up.  Jesus is the same.  He was the ultimate person that started the church at Corinth and our church as well.  He gives us the best picture of who we are supposed to be.

So here are the top ten things that we have found in Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth that made them a candidate for “The Worst Church Ever”  We will look at each of these in the sermons in this series:

1. They were getting drunk during communion- I mean do we really need to point out how bad of an idea this was?  That is a total defacing of who Jesus is and what communion stands for.

2. They were choosing favorite pastors- It was like a “Dancing With The Stars” spin-off.  It was “Preaching With The Pastors”!  It wasn’t that the pastors were doing anything wrong, the people were just going after their favorite style.  That always causes issues.

3. Incest- Wow…that issue alone would make this church worthy of the title of worst church.  Look it up for yourself in 1 Corinthians 5:1-13

4. Sexual Perversion- That would be any sexual activity before marriage in any form.  The culture they lived in was known for this.  But why was it getting into the church culture?

5. Speaking in tongues overshadowed Jesus- Paul does an interesting discussion on this topic.  His conclusion?  Anything that takes away from pointing at Jesus and begins to point at the person, is not a gift from the Holy Spirit.

6. Love was lacking- How can you claim to follow Jesus and not love?

7. People were not using their spiritual gifts- Jesus equipped the church with what it needs to function.  Paul told everyone to get busy and function like a church.

8. Dead Spiritually- Boring churches are the worst.  No…I take that back, boring spiritually dead churches are the worst.

9. Christians were living in sin and the church wasn’t calling them on it- This is a tough line to walk.  If there is a Christian that is openly living in sin, they should be rebuked.  One of the main reasons that people do not want to go to church is because of all the Christians and their hypocrisy. That is not biblical.

10. Christians were suing Christians- Oh yeah that looks good in the newspaper when we can’t even get along that we have to take each other to court!  Wonder what the Bible says about fighting with each other and disagreements?

There are the top ten reasons the church at Corinth qualified for ‘The Worst Church Ever.”  Now it is time for us to take each of these and see if we are guilty of any of them.  My bet is that we can relate to a few of them and need to change some things.

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    Travis Mar 06, 2014

    Some really good stuff here. I like it. If you don’t mind I may borrow it sometime. It’s great to see how God is blessing the ministry at Keystone.


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